Get your job in front of 105,000 people

Using the RedWigWam job board is quick, simple, and cost effective

We deliver roles directly to the profile of our bank of over 105,000 workers. Simply purchase tokens and post your job.
Any interested workers will click on the link, taking them directly to your landing page.

You have instant access to a new pool of potential workers – and our database of workers is very different to that of our competitors.

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Post a job for just £1 a day

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent.

To get started, you simply create an account and purchase tokens. The minimum purchase is 25 tokens for £25, which you can use on one job in one location for 25 days – or 25 jobs/locations for 1 day if you prefer.

You have full control over your advert – you set an end date, and can pause it at any point. While your job is live, you will have contact details for any workers who have expressed an interest in the position.

If you have any remaining tokens once your job is filled, they will remain in your account ready for your next role.

1 token = 1 job in 1 location for 1 day.

The more tokens you purchase, the cheaper the adverts become.

Don’t forget – your job will automatically be seen by suitable workers from our 105,000 people. We pride ourselves in filling jobs quickly, with quality people.

Tokens Cost Price per Token
25 £25 £1
50 £50 £1
75 £73 £0.97
100 £95 £0.95
200 £185 £0.93
500 £430 £0.86
1000 £850 £0.85
2000 £1600 £0.80

*Prices are shown before VAT

Claim your FREE trial

We’re confident you’ll fill your roles using the RedWigWam Job Board. So, we’re offering you an introductory offer of 5 free tokens to try it out.

This will allow you to post the equivalent of 5 jobs in one location for one day, or 1 job for 5 days.

To claim your free tokens, simply register an account and we’ll add them to your account to get you started.

Once your trial tokens have been used up, you will need to purchase extra tokens to continue to advertise on RedWigWam.

These are available from a starting cost of £1 per post, per day, for a minimum commitment of 25 tokens.